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Endeavours And Initiatives  
Education has been rightly called the panacea of all ills and is the most decisive factor in the progress of an individual and of a nation. At the same time, the world is witnessing an unprecedented advancement in the field of science, technology and information and the need is to keep abreast with the changes and development occurring in and around the world. It is therefore, unavoidably essential to develop innate and inborn potential of every child to meet unforseen and stringent challenges. In its quest to foster the all round personality of a child, the school undertakes various endeavours and activities and has ventured a number of initiatives. The aim is to develop an integrated life, strengthen character and inculcate sensitivity towards society.
1. Scholastic Endeavours
The school prepares students to face the challenges of scholastic pursuits in the form of various scholastic and competitive examinations. It encourages students to participate in and conducts various examinations and tests of recognized institutions like NTSE, JSTS, Olympiads, Cyber Olympiad, Ramanujan Talent Search Exam, Vaigyanika, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana, Problem Solving Assessment Tests, MCQs, Science Exhibition and many other similar activities.
2. Smart Classrooms
As knowledge is available now-a-days at the click of a mouse and the learner seeks for a ‘Knowledge absorbing society’ rather than ‘Knowledge gathering society’, conventional teaching has been replaced by dynamic, student centric, interdisciplinary, project based and digital teaching. To cope with the challenges of modern times, smart classrooms are introduced. Electronic Boards are installed in the classrooms and e-teaching with its audio and visual appeal is helpful in developing creative, constructive, competitive and confident students.
3. Co-Scholastic Activities
To unleash the immense reservoir of creative potential of students, a variety of co-scholastic activities are offered. A student selects an activity of her/his interest from the activities/Clubs assigned to a class. These skill classes nurture the innate and insatiable qualities of a child, make learning fun and impart essential skills useful in day to day life.
4. Promoting Reading
Reading is a pleasure, it moulds the entire personality of an individual. It broadens the horizons of knowledge, provide recreation and information as well as promotes reading habit.
To encourage reading among students:
  • The school offers PACE, The Hindustan Times and NIE, The Times of India at subsidized rates to students.
  • Various workshop and competitions are organised.
  • Book reading days and Library days are celebrated.
  • Extra reading is prescribed.
  • Library period is assigned to every class.
  • DEAR Scheme: Drop Everything and Read Scheme has been started to develop reading habit among students.
5. Physical Development Initiatives
The school aims to provide physical and mental fitness, social awareness, leadership qualities and sportsman spirit to a child. It nurtures the qualities of head, hand and heart. It makes a sincere effort to provide its children opportunities to instil good habits for their total physical development and health. PEC India, a CBSE and British Council Initiative programme is running successfully. It aims to provide an interesting experience and to facilitate the process of engaging children intensively in sports activities. Physical education, sports activities, meditation and drill classes and special coaching classes are arranged for students. Skating, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Archery, Chess and Cricket Academies provide coaching to students who are interested to specialize in their sport of choice. Students are encouraged to participate in various sports competitions organised at school, state, national and international levels.
6. Health And Wellness Initiatives
‘Health is Wealth’. Nehru said, “Wealth of India does not lie in the bank but lies with the educational institutions”.
To evolve healthy, physically and intellectually sound youth, the school takes initiatives by providing a full time doctor, getting regular health check ups, arranging health and hygiene seminars and workshops, yoga classes, and campaigns for various health programmes. ‘Get Active’ modules help to draw student’s attention to health concerns. Qualified and experienced doctors from PHFI (Physical Health Foundation of India) visit school regularly to monitor the health of the children. In association with HRIDAY SHAN, campaigns against drugs, AIDS, tobacco and non-communicable diseases like diabetes are organised. Walkathon-Walk on Health Day is a regular annual feature. Talks on ‘Importance of good health’ are arranged and need of healthy diet/food is stressed upon. Junk food and aeriated drinks are banned in the school canteen. Yogic aahar, yoga and good healthy habits are promoted among students through competitions and various incentives. Under the Comprehensive Health Assessment Plan, students are encouraged to bring healthy food in their tiffin. Regular health activities are organised from time to time.
7. Life Skill Education
The school firmly believes that education must empower the students to face stringent challenges of life, earn a livelihood and develop a positive approach through self introspection, self analysis and self-growth. Topics which promote analytical thinking, social and emotional concerns, self grooming are discussed. Project work, group discussions, presentations, talks are conducted and assigned to promote life skills. Moral education (Ved Path) is an integral part of our curriculum. Life skill education is seamlessly interwoven with our day to day teaching.
8. Interdisciplinary Approach - Grooming Quality
In its quest to foster an all round personality, improve upon the quality of life, strengthen character and inculcate sensitivity towards society, the school involves students in various projects, activities and programmes.
(A) Personality Enhancement Programme
Personality development classes by eminent resource persons are held to inculcate good habits, bring a positive change in attitude, understand importance of etiquettes, and groom students for public speaking and appearance. These classes enable students to enhance their interpersonal skills by developing confidence and self esteem.
(B) Communication Skill Nurturing Programme
Students are expected to have acquired a reasonable degree of language proficiency by the time they leave the school. Keeping in view the need to develop greater confidence and proficiency of language skills necessary for social and academic purposes, to appreciate and engage students in independent reflection and enquiry, consistent efforts are made to upgrade the level of communication skills. To ensure that students speak English with confidence and fluency, incentives in the form of titles---Ambassador Speaker, Star Speaker and Pilot Speaker in classes I to VIII are given to recognise their efforts. The school arranges different communication skill classes, clubs, workshops, presentations, Rhetorics, Spell Bee contest for the students in all classes especially primary, middle and secondary. Communication Enhancement & ASL are internal part of English Curriculum from Junior to Senior classes. Incentives are given to encourage and appreciate efforts of students to speak in English. All these endeavours are directed towards making students better citizens.
(C) Helen O Grady International Classes
Helen O Grady program for students of classes II to VIII use drama as a medium to groom well-rounded and self-confident individuals. 
In this programme children learn to express themselves in articulate and clear English speech and encouraged to explore, imagine and speak their mind to evolve as more confident human beings. The unique curriculum, which is different for different age groups, is extended to work on life skills and social interaction skills thus helping children achieve an all round development focusing on Speech, Voice modulation, Vocabulary, Elocution, Storytelling, Mime to Music, Recitation, Plays and much more.
(D) Dynamics Of Globalisation - Global Projects
New projects with the support of British Council, Ritsumeikan University, Japan, Jenesys (CBSE), Face to Faith and Max Muller have been launched to provide exposure and opportunity to students and teachers, to realise the importance of global integration and understand technical advancement. British Council projects like ISA have been instrumental in promoting educational and cultural knowledge about a place through their exchange programmes. German as a foreign language has been part of school curriculum for the last few years. 
Face to Faith under the aegis of Tony Blair Foundation provides students an opportunity to link and connect with the students across the world via a secure website. Student Exchange Programs facilitates friendly relations between individuals and countries and develop knowledge and skills needed for participation in a multicultural society.
9. Exploring Untapped Talent
Encouragement and opportunity are provided to students to participate in various activities, to reach their greatest potential, to develop the qualities of 3Rs (Reading, Writing, Arithmatic) and 3H (Head, Heart, Hand). 
Assemblies (Classwise, Housewise, Important Days), Celebrations, Live Class Presentations (especially in Primary Wing), Classwise Projects (Curricular, Co-curricular, Extra curricular & Sports), Talent Hunt Activities through Intra and Inter class, Intra & Inter House, Interschool events like ANNUAL EXHIBITION EXPO, PRESTENTIA, ENSEMBLE, CROSSROADS, SPECTRUM, RHETORICS, ULLAS UTSAV (Classes II-V), CHRYSALIS (Nur-Class I), Talent Hunt, SPORTSMANIA, ANNUAL DAY & SAMBHAAV (Enterprise Challenge) and other cultural activities are organised and conducted throughout the session. Classwise, Subjectwise E-magazine, newsletters are made by the students. The school makes an effort to provide students a platform to showcase their hidden talent and qualities.
10. ‘Adopt A Child’ Policy And ‘I Quest’ Classes
Under ‘Adopt a Child’ policy of the school, teachers give extra coaching to differently abled children. These children are first identified by teachers. They are provided with need based and customized assignments. Special classes are organised for them on Saturdays where teachers make extra efforts to help improve their academic performance. 
Similarly in ‘I Quest Classes’ extra time is devoted to intelligent and gifted students especially in Mathematics and Science.
11. I Quest Test Series - (Classes III - VII)
The I Quest Test Series encourages students to solve application and skill based questions and develops their interest in science and mathematics. A test series for the students securing A, in science and mathematics is held twice in a session to test their higher order skills. Top three students in these tests are awarded gold, silver and bronze medal.
12. Astronomy Workshops
The Astronomy Classes held in the school aim to promote and foster the development of science of astronomy and related technology. It aims to create student’s interest in the nature of the universe, solar system, planets and other matter that it contains. Through hands on fun-filled interactive activities, the classes strive to kindle imagination and rational thinking.
13. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
The school endeavours to inculcate in students the need to keep their surroundings clean. The student volunteers from classes III to XII are appointed to ensure that the school campus remains clean at all times.
14. Peace Club
The school has joined an innovative action based program under the aegis of The Non-violence Project Foundation, Switzerland and Gandhi Peace Foundation, Govt. of India., to implement an initiative of ‘Peace Dialogue for Sustainability’ in India. Our school is amongst 3500 schools across the country and amongst 500 schools in Delhi to join this initiative. The aim of this project is to promote ‘Peace for Sustainability’.
15. Disaster Management
The school disaster management plan involves the familiar cycle of steps like assessing hazards, vulnerabilities, planning and implementing for physical risk reduction and maintenance of safe facilities. The main aim of school emergency planning is to ensure that the safety of the students and the staff is maintained during an emergency. It covers the three main thrust areas i.e. how to identify hazards in the school, how to manage the hazards and how to mitigate the effects through planning and effective response.
16. Computech Activities
‘CYBERITE’ - The computer club of the school organizes various activities and competitions. It provides students an opportunity to broaden horizons and awakens their inquisitiveness and sharpens their skills. ‘CYBERITE’ releases periodic issue of CYBER TIMES and helps other departments to release their own news-bulletins like ‘Reflections’ and E- magazine ‘Esperanza’.
17. Recreational Activities
Film shows, picnics, trips, excursions, visits to various places of importance and amusement are regularly organised to reduce drudgery and monotony, and make education enjoyable. Shows like Orange Planetorium, Magic Show, Puppet Show are conducted time to time for the benefit of the tinty-tots.
18. Social Awareness & Sensitivity Activities
Various Social service, Environment friendly, Good citizen and Good earth projects are incorporated in the school curriculum to sensitize students towards the society, environment, and the underprivileged sections of the society.

Eco Awareness Club : Eco Awareness Club has been formed in the school. It is an effort to sensitize students towards the protection and care of environment. In association with organisations like TDPPL, GLOBE, TERI, NCT Bhagidari activities on garbage management, water and air pollution testing, energy conservation etc. are conducted. The school uses a solar inverter, a paper recycling unit for eco paper making & a rolly polly machine for composting garbage. Students are also sensitized time to time through talks, competitions, pledges to use water and electricity judiciously as well as to minimise the use of polythene. To further teach students respect for their environment and be responsible citizens, the school assigns House Projects to House & each House is responsible to promote and sensitize students related to that activity. Students share the responsibility by working on projects like Go Green, Garbage Management, Save Water, Save Energy, Say No to Polythene, Foil Collection etc.

Good Citizen Project : Human Rights Day is celebrated annually. Pamphlets on human rights are distributed amongst people. Heritage Club of the school generates importance of preserving monuments etc. Class projects, celebration of Heritage Day, heritage walks are organised. Global voting is held to vote for WCPRC (World’s Children Prize for the Rights of the Child). Global Watch Club helps children to keep abreast with the latest developments about the children's rights across the world, and encourages them to analyse and express themselves better.

School Enterprise Challenge : ‘SAMBHAAV’ - a unique business competition for students aims to identify and reward the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow & is supported by Tech a Man to Fish, an International Education Charity. It aims to inculcate the thought process of recycling in the minds of students to create awareness about environment protection.
Inquisitive Club : The Club aims at development of general awareness and enhancement of knowledge by providing students with information and news about the world at large and about the subjects ranging from History to Fine Arts, Mythology and Sports. The school encourages students to participate in and conducts various examinations & tests by recognised institutions like NTSE, JSTS, Olympiads, Cyber Olympiad, NFLAT, Ramanujan Talent Search exam, Vaigyanika, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana, Science Exhibition and many others. The school teams participate in Interschool Quiz such as CBSE Heritage India Quiz, HT Pace Quiz, Science Quiz, Teacher‘s Quiz, NIE Fundamental Quiz, Olympiad by TERI, Quiz by British Council & others.