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Portfolio Management Role Of Students  

House System


The tradition  of House System  is an important part  of school  education.  The system  is essentially the  backbone  of the  discipline  of the  school. It provides  opportunities for students to  develop  all  aspects  of their  growth  and  learning  i.e. personality,  morality, creativity, knowledge  and  skills. It promotes  values  of fair play, teamwork, camaraderie, citizenship,  mutual  responsibility,  self  discipline,  initiative,  perseverance and  resilience. Participation in House activities contributes to excellence in academic, social, sporting and cultural  fields. The House system is all about  unlocking student potential and creating  a sense of belonging, identity and pride.

There  are  five  Houses  namely  Enterprise, Dignity, Freedom, Courage  and  Modesty. Students are grouped according to following classes.

Group                          Classes                      Group                             Classes


Ÿ        Sub Junior             II & III                       Sub Senior                     VII-IX


Ÿ        Junior                     IV-VI                           Senior                             X-XII


Student Council -  Due to change in the present scenario each group except 'Sub Junior' has its own Student Council of students of classes VI / IX / XII consisting of:

  1. Head Boy
  2. Head Girl
  3. Deputy Head Boy
  4. Deputy Head Girl
  5. Secretary (Boy)
  6. Secretary (Girl)
  7. Virtual Discipline Prefect - Section wise
  8. Student Welfare Prefect – Section wise
  9. IT or Event Collaborator – Section wise


The Senior Student  Council has corresponding members  from Class XI too. In Class X & XI

also, there are :

1.     Virtual Discipline Prefect - Section Wise

2.     Student Welfare Prefect - Section Wise

3.     IT or Event Collaborator - Section Wise

Executive/Core Group

The Executive  Group and  the  Core Groups are  expected to  work hand  in hand  in the discharge of all duties and contribute in making school an ideal seat of learning for all.

•    Student Council members (classes VI, IX,XII) - Executive Group

•    Student Council members (classes XI) - Core Group

•    Prefectorial Board - Core Group

•    Floor Representatives - Core Group

•    Class Representatives - Core Group

•    Bus Representatives - Core Group


Each  House  has  a  very active  Prefectorial   Board  which  manages discipline,  morning assembly and other activities of its group during the house duty tenure.

Each House consists of :



Boys (Two)

From classes VI/IX/XII


Girls (Two)


Vice Prefects

Boys (Two)

From classes V/VIII/XI


Girls (Two)


The Student  Council Members and Prefectorial  Board is expected to discharge  their duties

sincerely and with responsibility failing which they shall have to forego their designation. However outstanding discharge of duties will be duly awarded.

The  team  is  supported and  guided  by House  teachers who  have  also  been  grouped accordingly.

House duty includes

  • checking of uniform
  • haircut
  • shoes
  • movement in queues

•    Wearing of  House Badges                        Management of  latecomers

•    No movement during prayer                •      Maintenance of Bulletin Boards

•    No movement during period change   

•    Display of Prefectorial Board

•    Dispersal of students                      •     Board on significant days during duty

  • Ground/Canteen duty tenure

•    Ensuring Cleanliness                             •    Conducting Assemblies

•    Use of dustbins                                       •    Celebrating Special Days



Each House is assigned a project for a session in which students and teachers of the House work together and initiate activities to sensitize and encourage commitment in students for school, society  and  nation.  The House  is expected to  submit  a report  of the  activities undertaken under the project, new initiatives taken, details, outcome and future agenda.


Spectrum - Inter House Fest

Spectrum will include inter House competitions and sports matches for students of class XI. Winners will be felicitated ensure use of class-pass by students of the class.


Best House of the Year Trophy

Houses will be judged on the following parameters

1)    Presentation of Boards

2)    Discharge of Duties

3)    Conducting Assemblies/Events

4)     Project Work

5)    New Initiatives taken

6)    Performance    of   students   in   Crosswords,   Inter   House   Competitions    and Spectrum

7) Organisation and Presentation of House Assembly

8) Maintenance of House Record File

9) Work on Tagline and blog

10)House Meetings


*        Best House of the Year will be announced and felicitated on respective  Investiture Ceremony Day.

*        Students  who  give  commendable  House  Duty  will  be  awarded   Certificates  of


Prefectorial Board/Floor Representatives: 5 from each  class  (One from each  House). Other than council members, there are 5 Floor Representatives from a class (one from each House) for each floor who are on duty on rotation basis throughout the session.


Class Representatives

Two students from each  section  of a class  are  selected as CR by the  Class Teacher  in consultation with subject teachers. Duties of CR include

•    to manage the discipline of the class

•    check ill behaviour and use of abusive language

•    ensure neatness of class and surroundings

•    check uniform

•    maintain healthy decorum of the class

•    ensure use of class-pass by students of the class

•    to set a good example through self exemplary behaviour

•    check possession of prohibited material


Bus Representatives


Four students (one each from classes III, VI, IX and XI) are appointed as BR by Bus Incharges. Duties of BR include ensuring that no student

•    causes indiscipline in bus

•    litters in bus

•    causes damage to bus

•     misbehaves with driver/attendant/other students

•    reserves seats

•    pushes or shoves while boarding or getting down the bus

•    puts any part of body out of window

•    breaks queues


All students assigned  any of the above roles are expected to discharge them with sincerity, honesty and responsibility. If students fail to do so, they shall be replaced by other students.

House Tenure Plan 2022-23

(25 March 2022 – 31 March 2023)






Tenure I

Tenure II

Tenure III






25 Mar.- 30 Sept.


1 Oct.- 31 Jan.


1 Feb.- 30 Mar.










25 Mar. - 22 April


1 Oct.- 31 Oct.


1 Feb.- 10 Feb.










23 April - 6 July


1 Nov.- 22 Nov.


13 Feb.- 23 Feb.










7 July - 2 Aug.


23 Nov. - 13 Dec.


24 Feb. - 6 Mar.










3 Aug.- 2 Sep.


14 Dec.- 10 Jan.


7 Mar.- 19 Mar.










3 Sep. - 30 Sept.


11 Jan. - 31 Jan. 2019


20 Mar. - 29



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