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Environment Policy  
Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “The wealth of the nation does not lie in the banks of our country but it lies in our school.” 
Therefore, it is true that if the children in the schools are well informed and well prepared, country’s future is safe and secure. 
It is rightly said, “Modern technology owes ecology an apology.” The utmost concern in today’s scenario is the lethal effects of technology on the metabolism of nature. The modern technology has indeed harmed the environment. For the sake of progress we mar the beauty of nature with perennial scars. 
As said by the Father of Nation, “Whatever we are doing to the nature is nothing but just a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to the others.” 
To perceive this fact, the committed people belonging to DAV fraternity have taken the initiative to save the planet and as it is said, “The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” we at DLDAV Pitampura have under taken this mammoth task of saving the environment by extending its contribution to deal with issues including air and water pollution, solid waste management, ecosystem management and energy conservation. 
It strives to direct and oversee human activities to foster harmony between nature and technology thereby preventing harmful between nature and technology thereby preventing harmful effects on the environment. 
The institutional members (students and teachers) have been divided into five houses and each house had been allotted following parameters to take care off with the involvement of all the stakeholders like teachers, students, parents and neighbours to preserve the nature for future generations. 
Our school is deeply committed for this noble task and we are sure that our endeavours will help restore the glory of nature and make a better tomorrow. 
If we desire something most earnestly, the whole universe conspires in helping us achieve it. 
You may visit the blogs of respective houses to apprise yourself of the activities undertaken by them.


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