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School Decorum  




1.         The   Personal   Data   in   the   Diary  should   be   completed,  signed   by parents/guardians and submitted to the concerned class teacher.

2.         Students who come on their own or by private transport should reach school ND Block between 7:30 to 7:55 a.m. No late comers will be admitted in the school after 7:55 a.m. and will be sent back. No student is allowed to bring bicycle/scooter/ motorcycle/car to school. School will not be responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle.

3.         Students who are escorted  by servants  or who come by private  transport should not leave the school unescorted. In case of delay, they should report to the school reception.

4.         No student should  visit canteen after 7:55 a.m. To purchase  an item from canteen, one should go to canteen before 7:55 a.m. , during recess or after school is over.

5.         No lunch boxes will be received later in the school for any student. Students should carry their own lunch boxes with them in the morning. They should bring hand sanitizer with them regularly.

6.       Students should  wear  neat,  clean  and  ironed  school  uniform  with  the Identity Card regularly.

7.       Non Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals. Sikh boys must wear turbans from Class IX onwards. Wearing school shoes and socks, decent hair cut, nail cut, tying of hair neatly for girls - all these must be taken care of. Inners and vests must be worn without fail.

8.         Sports  House  Uniform shall  be  worn  only  on  the  assigned   days  for  a particular class.

9.         Students should maintain discipline and silence in classrooms, laboratories and the school library.

Virtual Etiquettes

1.       Students must attend Virtual classes properly dressed in School Uniform.

2.       Attendance in classes and keeping video on is compulsory.

3.       Parents are requested not to interfere during online classes.

4.       Parents  must  check and  ensure  that  their  wards  make  a fair attempt in

Online Tests/Exams and do not resort to unfair means/cheating.



New Normal Etiquettes - For Students At School

1.       Maintain physical distance

2.       Use hand sanitizer regularly

3.       Do not spit

4.       Do not collect in groups in class/corridor

5.       Keep your desk clean

6.       Do not share your belongings

7.       Carry sanitizer, handkerchief/tissues/napkins

8.       Do not litter. Use dustbin

9.       Bring water and lunch, do not share

10.     Walk on signs marked on floor

11.     Greet others without physical contact

12.     Wear reusable masks at all times

13.     Observe social distancing when in washroom/tap area

14.     No student is allowed to go to the canteen/ground/activity classes


New Normal Etiquettes - For Students In Class

1.       Wear breathable/washable/clean masks at all times

2.       Use personal hand sanitizer regularly

3.       Maintain social distancing

4.       Do not share desk

5.       Do not collect in groups

6.       Bring water and lunch, do not share

7.       Do not shake hands to greet each other

8.       In case you feel unwell, report to the teacher immediately

9.       Do not crowd around teacher

10.     Do not leave the classroom unless necessary or instructed by the teacher

11.     Do not litter

12.     Keep desk, surroundings and classroom clean


Code of Conduct

u        No student should damage  school furniture, white /black / E-boards, other items or deface the walls or in any way damage  things belonging  to others. Damage  done  even  by accident  should  be reported at once  to the  Class Teacher or to the Incharge or the Principal. Any damage done will have to be made  good  by the  one  who  causes  it  or the  whole  class  will be  held

u        Students   are   advised    to   keep   their   class   rooms/toilets/school building/campus neat and clean and throw litter into the dustbins only.

u        No student shall indulge in any unwanted activity. Indiscipline in any form will  not  be  tolerated. Indulgence in  any  indisciplinary  activity  will  be regarded  as  an  offence.  It will be  strictly  dealt  with  and  may result  in suspension, expulsion, fine or written apology or issue of Yellow/Red/Black card. Yellow card as 2nd warning, Red card as final reminder and Black card as last resort in the form of suspension or so.


(a)     spitting in or near the school building/school campus; (b)     disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property;

(c)    rowdyism, rude behaviour, whistling and shouting, bullying; (d)     use of violence in any form, foul language;

(e)     casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability;

(f)     bursting of crackers in school premises;

g) chewing gum in the school premises

h) Littering in the school premises

 (i)      writing on school walls;

(j)       moving around  in school  without  'Class Pass' during  assembly  and school hours;

(k)      carrying   undesired /  unwanted magazines,   e-cigarette,  money, valuable  items, CDs, cameras, mobile phones  or any other expensive electronic gadget to school under any circumstances;

(l)      bunking classes / school;

(m)     wearing  undesirable dress, shoes  / things  (not in accordance  with uniform / dress code of the school);

(n)      Stealing, breaking, damaging  E-boards, other electronic / mechanical devices or any other school property;

(o)     Unacceptable and indecent behaviour or activity in or outside school; (p)     damage to buses, misconduct with drivers, conductors or bus mates.

u        Wilful absenteism in  any  class  especially  in  the  secondary  and  senior secondary classes is extremely undesirable and strict action will be taken in this regard.

u        Under  no  circumstances  will  a  student be  allowed  to  go  home  after examination/test is over or during regular school hours. Leave for half-a-day will not be given except  in emergency  and should be avoided for security reasons. Taking away your child from the class for a short  period or for a medical check up is not permitted.

u        The photograph of a student will not be attested by the Principal or accepted by teachers/receptionist if it is not in proper school uniform.

u    Any kind of warning/punishment loses entitlement to any awards.


Action Against Bad Conduct


•    1st warning to a student to reform her/his ways.

•      Final warning to check her/his  conduct and be ready for strict action against her/him.

•    Strict action to be taken by the Discipline Committee.


Recommendation to Parent/Guardian


1.                 Motivate your ward to speak in English at all times. Politeness in speech, low volume, decent  language speak a lot about  a child. Arrogance, argument, pride, indifference  do not leave a good impression. Ensure that your child cultivates the right qualities and interest in studies, cocurricular and sports activities.

2.                 Check the school Diary everyday, visit school website for circulars, messages, etc. if any from teachers, school, examination related and CBSE.

3.                 Check the haircut, uniform and punctuality of your ward. Confirm your ward carries contents according to the timetable for that day. Ensure he/she wears Identity Card.

4.       Restrict daily pocket money. Excessive spending should be discouraged.

5.         Lunch should be properly packed so that the notebooks are not stained  or spoiled.A napkin is always handy.

6.                 Check that  your  ward  does  not  carry prohibited  articles  like mobile,  i- phones, cash, jewellery, expensive  articles  & gadgets to school. These will be confiscated and will lead to punishment.

7.        Criticism of a teacher should be avoided in the presence of the child because it undermines respect for the teachers and the school. In case of a legitimate complaint, please meet the Class Teacher / Principal. Similarly do not discuss family problems in front of your child.

8.         Make sure  that  you meet  the  Class Teacher  and  Subject  Teachers  on all Parent Teacher meetings. Kindly adhere  to the timings given. In emergency you can meet a teacher  on prior permission  only during visiting hours with the   permission   of  the   receptionist.  No  parent/guardian  should   visit classroom   to  meet   the  concerned  teacher   under  any  circumstance  or  without Principal’s permission.

9.          Carry Identity  Card issued  by the  school  during your visit to school. Only parents and not brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts or strangers should be sent to collect their ward or to collect report card or meet Class Teacher.

10.              The  school  is not  responsible for any unruly  behaviour  of students  or disputes that occur outside the school premises.

11.              The school  reserves  the  right  to detain  or deny promotion  to a student whose performance continues to remain unsatisfactory.

12.              To handle emergencies successfully, maintain communication with teachers and keep records up to date. Any change  of address  or telephone number should be notified immediately to the school.

13.              Avoid encouraging your ward to take leave on examination days or to return home after her/his examination is over.

14.              There  is a need  to be aware  of Three  R's of the  On-line  world - Rights, Responsibilities and  Respect  before  you  give  your  ward  access  to  use internet.

15.              Convey your impression  about  the  work of your ward  at  home  on  first fifteenth  of every month on page provided in the Diary by using one of the remarks

a.     Very Satisfactory           b.  Satisfactory           c.   Unsatisfactory


Policy and SOP – In case of students carrying Mobile phone in School

  1. As a policy, the students shall not bring the mobile phone to the school except in certain cases of emergency.(as specified in para 6)
  2. Class teacher shall ensure that no student shall carry the mobile phone in her class during the school hours.
  3. In case a student is found carrying / using mobile phone, Class teacher shall ask the student to deposit his/her phone and also arrange to inform his/ her parents about the incident and request the parents to collect the phone on the same day or the following day.
  4. Class teacher shall also inform supervisory in-charge concerned about the incident and actions taken by her.
  5. Class teacher shall hand over the phone to parents as and when they come to school. She shall also counsel the student and reemphasise upon the parents about the policy of the school.
  6. Only in case of emergency, when a student carries a letter of authorisation from the parents, he/she may bring the phone. But in that case also, the student shall deposit the phone with Class teacher and collect the phone before leaving the school premises for home. In case the student forgets to collect the phone, he/she may do the same the next day.
  7. In the absence of Class teacher, all actions shall be taken by the concerned supervisory in-charge.



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