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DLDAV, Pitampura is an institution that attempts to be innovative, different and relevant. It is based on the four pillars of education i.e learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and the most important of them all, learning to be. Seamless, sustainable and student centered, the school's larger vision is to become the leading centre of innovation and learning in the emerging knowledge society. Our school symbolizes the integration of new technologies in the teaching learning process to continually provide enhanced educational experiences.
Education at DAV means education for life. We prepare our children for life by imparting not only age appropriate knowledge but also enhancing their talents and empowering them with life skills like confidence, communication and social skills, leadership qualities, academic excellence along with analytical abilities.It is matter of profound gratification that our students have achieved glorious heights of success in every sphere and reflect the soul of our institution. Outstanding ranks have been bagged in competitive exams with considerable number of students taking admissions in IIT, DPMT, IITMs, IIM, DCE, SRCC etc.
We in the school feel Every child is unique and "NO child should be left behind."
Nursery wing of the school at TP block is an ideal amalgamation of joy and learning, of discovery and fun, of technology and human values. Our school is a place where every child blossoms. It is a place where children learn to be creative and imaginative. They are raw when they step into the formal school and like soft clay who can be moulded into any shape. We nurture and empower these tender buds for life through joyful play and learning. We provide a carefully planned and structured environment in which child learns and grows in a natural way. We provide a homely environment.
Curriculum-Laying A Strong Foundation
A dynamic curriculum with flexibility of renewal and upgradation is the need of the hour. The school curriculum has been designed in keeping with the above truth and the learner's needs in mind. The curriculum and activities are designed to make the child discover himself and his environment through exploration and discovery.
The EEDP-Early Education Development Programme Montessori Kit is extensively used in the Nursery classes. We follow the playway and activity approach, with the goal of providing a stimulating play environment for the holistic development of the child. It is through play that a child learns-responsibility, creativity and problem-solving skills.
In The Words Of Child,
"I Hear & I Forget
I See & I Remember
I Do & I Understand."
Curriculum Support Packages are being developed by teachers and uploaded on E-boards.
In tandem with technology E-boards have been installed in Nursery classes and others. E-boards have increased the concentration span of children as they are more clear and colourful and leave a long lasting impact on the minds of the children.
Integrated teaching is carried on by computer trained and techno savy staff who are developing their own subject capsules and individual blogs.
ACs have been installed in all classrooms of LKG/Nursery.
Medical Room: Well equipped medical room with regular visit of the doctor. Regular medical checkups are conducted from time to time and health records are maintained. 
Child Development Centre: This colourful centre provides all the tools and aids which faster their all round development from puzzles, blocks, Flash cards to beads-the place is equipped with teaching aids which give child an opportunity to imagine, improvise, invent and work on his/her own. 

Class Library: Books are maintained in the class and circulated to encourage reading habits among children. 

Audio Visual Room: In this room, children indulge in fun with friend watching Noddy or their favorite flicks like hanuman, my friend Ganesha. 

Communication Skills: In order to impart communication skills, strengthen vocabulary, enhance pronunciation and expose children to and empower language nuance, speaker system has been installed in all classes. Language exercises are drilled through centralized microphones.
Moral Values
To help meet learners needs, societal expectations, inculcation of life skill and moral values play an important role. As it is rightly said when prayers go up, blessings come down, the morning prayers begins with the chanting of Gayatri Mantras. Hawans are performed from time to time where students actively participate amidst the chanting of Vedic Mantras and Shalokas.
To increase concentration power and peace of mind, Yoga and meditation sessions are conducted from time to time.
Kaliedoscope Of Activities
Significant Days: Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated to develop a spirit of patriotism. Various days like children day, Earth Day/Cleanliness Day, World health Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Teacher's Day are celebrated to develop spirit of love for their motherland.
Festivals:- Baisakhi, Holi, Deepawli, Dushera, Christmas, Lohri are celebrated to enable the students to know about their culture and traditions.
  • Morning Assembly: We begin the school day with the prayer, thought for the day, recitation of the poem followed by the rendition of the National Anthem. We start our day by making a firm commitment to do our best for the school and ourselves.
  • Ullas Utsav: (Learning through drama, rehearsing for life)-A celebration of fun and happiness is celebrated by students of nursery class, pre-primary and class I.
  • Class Presentations: We have been imparting skills to children through innovative methodology that uses speech, drama, poetry and literature. Various themes of class presentations were: My dream, importance of healthy food, Moral based stories, importance of trees, flowers, wildlife, incredible India, good habits and manners and seasons. "Our motto" is to create Fun focused academic ambience.
  • Various Intra School Activities: like Fancy dress, Eng/ Hindi Poem recitation, story narration, Show and Tell are organized. Our children also participate in various interschool and Zonal competitions like Rakhi Making, Fancy Dress, Judo, English and Hindi Poem recitation and clay modeling and our children bagged many prizes and won trophies. Various shows like puppet show, fruit show, Vegetable show and health show are organized.
  • Sports: Sports is an integral part of the curriculum. As "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy." To develop the physical and mental abilities of children. Fun activities are organized with special emphasis on development of hand and eye coordination and development of team spirit and leadership qualities like walk on the road, musical chair, ball race, lemon race, sack race etc. "Our mission" is to discover and release the angel hidden in every child who comes to us.
  • Every Year Art And Craft Exhibition is organized to display the creativity of our budding artists to enable the student to come out of their shells.
  • Local Picnics: and field trips are being organized from time to time to break monotony and spread awareness of the historical significance of the place and Indian culture and heritage and to develop the skills of personal adjustment and desirable social habits.
School Initiatives
  • Peer Monitoring: A technique of peer monitoring has been adopted for Nursery teachers where every Saturday, a teacher through presentations, shares new teaching practices adopted by her and the challenges faced by her and her experiences with other teachers. Our endeavour is to encourage child read, speak and write with fluency and understanding in English.
  • Adopt A Child Policy: Teachers call weak and slow learners on Saturdays and give them extra coaching. Their efforts have paid rich dividends.
  • Go Global: In keeping pace with the changing trends of education, the school perspective has shifted to "Go Global". We organize activities to develop Global awareness among children.
  • Health Counselling: Health, Hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness-these issues are treated on priority basis. Junk food and aerated drinks have been banned. For this Horlicks drink is supplied to the children. Table manners and concept of sharing is highly encouraged.
  • Counselling: Areas like stress management, time management, behavior problem and peer pressure are being effectively handled by our school counselors.
Partners In Education-Parents Golden Rules Of Parenting
Parenting is not just about raising children but also about raising of parents.
  • Spend quality time with your child and make it memorable and show your care and speak in English at home to improve communication skills. Since we spend many more hours at home than in school, it makes lot of sense if reinforcement & learning is carried on at home too.
  • Conflict between parents can affect the child negatively.
  • Overprotection saps a child's independence and confidence.
  • Parents should never criticise teacher in front of their child.
  • Parents should be role model for children.
  • Putting fear in a child's mind hampers child growth.
  • Don't burden your child with over protection.
  • Remember each child is unique and it is meaningless to compare them with each other.
  • Attend PTM regularly as it is only the commutative effort of both teacher and parents which is responsible for the welfare of the child. The children should accompany their parents in school uniform only.
  • Be punctual. Send your children on time so that time respects them throughout their life.
  • Check your ward's diary regularly and follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the diary.
  • Visit school website www.dldavpp.com regularly for latest update in school information.
  • Child development is facilitated when parents and teachers work together. The involvement and interest shown by parents by working with children, tell the child that his progress is important for them. This serves as motivation and increases the child's self esteem.
  • Parents and teachers should join hands in shaping the future master minds. For that human values should be inculcated for which the stepping stone is provided by the parents in the house.
  • We look forward to fruitful and endearing partnership in our journey towards this common goal of developing a sensitive, creative and responsible member of society.
  • The Motivation that "I can" and the tradition of giving positive strokes have paid dividends and every year the number of accolades won by the school are multiplying. We encourage students to fly with navigate their path to reach the stars.